Friday, January 25, 2013

What Happened in 2012 (Part 3)

Here we go again.... I met up with a good friend Sabrina after my KL trip. We kinda like meet up every x'mas and catch up. This time around we had brunch at P.S. Cafe @ Dempsey. We originally wanted to go the branch at Ann Siang Hill but on the day itself, she changed to Dempsey as she managed to get her dad's car. So off to Dempsey we went.

It was crowded when we arrived so we had to wait like 15 mins for a table. The downside is there is no sofas or chairs for patrons to sit and relax while waiting for their table. We finally got a seat... outside, if u do fancy nature this is the place for you!! You will have a bee or two, buzzing to your table attracted to the cubes of sugar. Ants on the ground looking very busy. The peacefulness and the very nice smell of nature. However, soon the clouds were turning against us and it started to drizzle so we asked for table inside. No bee to worry inside.They had this very big x'mas tree inside that went up through the roof. I wonder if it's still there. After brunch we carried our conversation to ben & jerrys where i had a corona and she had tea or was it coffee? We caught up with what was going on in our lives, who we are seeing etc.. All in all, it was a beautiful Sunday with a beautiful friend!! 

New Year's Eve saw me attending a concert @ Woodlands Civic Plaza attending Corrinne's band 'EMRYE''s gig! I arrived at the stroke at midnight.The fireworks were going off as I made my way to the stage. Couldn't find the guys so I called Melvin but couldn't hear him. Pat called me but I still didn't know where they were but I somehow eventually found them at the side of the stage. Mel's was recording the concert and the rest of us were enjoying it. Corrinne was awesome, never seen her so alive on stage. Here's just one of videos that I think is awesome!!

After the concert, we 'tau-pau' some food and headed to Peter Anthony's place to chill. I ordered prata of course... 1 egg and 2 kosong. What I got was 2 eggs and 1 kosong. Not a bad start to the new year. After eating, we just chilled in the hall exchanging stories and the drinks began. Sally joined us with a friend, a cool dude but I forgot his name. He brought some life to the party and started a game which I can remember what it was.... of course the loser had to drink. Soon the game died down as I guess everyone was tired. I finished my corona and had coffee after that. Sally and her friend, left soon after as she had to work on x'mas day. Suso joined us just about the time when we were leaving. Forrester, Patricia & Peter kept him company. Mel drove us (Corrinne, Alyssa & me) home and so it was the end of the 2012 and a start of a brand new year. At this point, I wanna thank Peter for his hospitality again.

Looking back, 2012 did pass by very fast. Made some new friends but 2013 will see me letting go of some friends not worth keeping. Yes, I know that as we get older our priorities change but still there's always a time for a cup of coffee.  However, if you still that I am not worth your time then I shall not waste your fucking precious time. Yes, I am Idiot, a Loser, microphone abuser but I will slowly but surely build myself up and be somebody within the next two years!! 


  1. I always wanted to go to Dempsey too!

  2. Okay, We can go down on day soon!!

    1. Sure! See you this Sat and thanks for the treat!